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With So Many Choices, Why Straight Smiles?

Straight Smiles strives to offer straighter smiles to all our clients, and to do so with the highest level of comfort and care available. It’s not enough in our modern world to simply offer service. At Straight Smiles, you receive quality service and compassion.

Locations to choose from

With four convenient locations around Melbourne, there's likely to be a Straight Smiles Australia location near you.

We don’t want your business; we want your trust

At Straight Smiles, you are our most valuable asset. Whether you are seeking straighter teeth for yourself or for your child, or you have an emergency, we are here to answer all of your questions.

Our orthodontists continually study

We don’t believe in complacency. Technology changes every day. Our dental staff regularly attends conferences and educational forums so that we can offer you the best and latest innovations in achieving a straighter smile.

We offer a comfortable environment for you

Going to the orthodontist has long been a stressful event for most people. That’s why we have taken great care in offering you relaxed and comfortable waiting and treatment rooms.

Let us show you how important your straight
smile is to us

You’ll have questions. From the beginning to the end, you will have questions. We want you to ask them and we are more than happy to discuss any concerns you have.

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Caroline Springs: (03) 9363 6300
Broadmeadows: (03) 9309 5699
Pakenham: (03) 5941 5188
Mulgrave: (03) 9792 2491

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Treatment Cost Guide

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Straight Smiles Australia

190 Foster Street East
VIC 3175

Tel: (03) 9792 2491

Straight Smiles Australia

Suite 3, 240 Caroline Spring Blvd
Caroline Springs
VIC 3023

Tel: (03) 9363 6300

Straight Smiles Australia

Suite 1, 63 Main Street
VIC 3810

Tel: (03) 5941 5188

Straight Smiles Australia

Shop 3, 11- 17 Pearcedale Pde
VIC 3047

Tel: (03) 9309 5699